PRFCT Affiliates 

Join our growing team of affiliates to get 100% commission on all orders, free apparel, and access to exclusive items.

Join Our Team

We invite you to join our team of affiliates that are helping us grow while receiving free products and industry leading commissions

Program Overview 

We are looking to partner with content creators, influencers, coaches, and high-performers in general who love PRFCT. You help us grow the brand AND IN EXCHANGE get free product and 100% of the profit of each item sold as your commission. Yes you read that right.  

How it works

Joining our affiliate program is by application only.

If you are hand-picked to join our team you will receive a welcome box with your FREE products!

Our affiliates will receive a coupon code (ex. Darren15) that gives their followers a discount. 

Rather than a small commission on each item sold… You will receive 100% of the profit on each item sold… No other company has done this before. 

By joining our affiliate program its like your own apparel business without any of the risk, the overhead, the expenses, the fulfillment, or any of the thousands of obstacles faced in this industry. 

Are you in?

Email if you are interested in joining our affiliate program.

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